18:00 GMT | 30th January 2021

Kisaans in Need

Recognise One presents an online fundraising event.
Live here and on Sikh Channel (Sky 768)
18:00 GMT | 30th January 2021

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Immerse yourself in these creative discussions, live on the night

Recognise One presents an online fundraising event, filmed live in Delhi and London. “Kisaans in Need” will take you on a journey through the life of a farmer whose eyes bear witness to continuing rising rates of suicide.

You will see exclusive, never seen before interviews and be involved in thought-provoking discussions on the need to defend the farming soil against the recently passed life-threatening agriculture bills.

In Panjab, roughly 550 farmers commit suicide every year. Since 1995 there have been over 300,000 farmers suicides across India.

This number is still rising.

Hosted by @harjapbhangal

Harjap Singh Bhangal

Co-Host with @grewaltwins

Hernoor Grewal

Live performances from renowned singers, celebrities, artists and academics worldwide.


Jazzy B
Sukhshinder Shinda
Benny Dhaliwal
Sardara Gill
Surinder Shinda


Randhir Singh (MLSS)
Sukh Ojla (Comedian)
Jasveer Singh (Sikh PA)
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (MP)
Rehmat Rayatt (Film Director)
Gurpreet Singh (Saving Punjab)

Live on Instagram and YouTube.

Covering topics like

New laws introduced on agriculture
Disproportionate purchasing power in the hands of large corporations
Allowing corporations to seize farmers land
300,000 farmer suicides since 1995

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Recognise One & MLSS

Hundreds of thousands of farmers across India are protesting against the introduction of three laws. Introduced by a government aimed to reform the agricultural sector. The protests are being led by agriculture union leaders from Punjab, as well as many other states including Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and has earned support from the entire nation.

You can help, today.

“Kisaans in Need” an online fundraising event.

Have questions? You can contact us via Instagram

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